Have A Voice On Twitter

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One of the keys to being a Twitter user who matters, is to have your own voice. The Twitter platform of micro-blogging, limited to 140 characters (thank goodness), it's a perfect opportunity to express yourself and not have to strain your brain. It helps to have something to say other than "BUY MY STUFF!", "IT'S ON SALE!".

Seriously, listen once in a while, talk to your Tweeps. Be more than a billboard or a sales brochure. Think about what you are going to Tweet, and consider the consequences of your posts, good or bad. Keep in mind that once it's out there, it becomes who you are, and possibly who your will become.

The vast majority of POD artists use their Twitter account to broadcast what they have created, and what they have sold. They seem to have a deaf ear and very little vision, and Tweet about their ďART FOR SALE!Ē exclusively. These users are the "Shouters". They don't really consider that Twitter is a conversation. To them, it is a way of broadcasting a single monotonous message. That message can get pretty dull.

Most PODart Tweeps follow some accounts, which it turns out are attached to people with a voice. The shouters don't take into consideration that others out there want to be heard also, they want to be acknowledged, and possibly part of the conversation. Itís why retweeting is so popular, and it works.

Letting people know who you are is fine, but it's good etiquette to listen and respond occasionally . Trying to connect with people takes effort. Without connections, you can't become a "someone" other than your art, and if you want to sell art, it's better to be someone than some thing.