Not All Connections on Twitter are Clear

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Over the past several months I've been having an entertaining conversation on Twitter with a gentleman who’s business is probably MLM or some version of it.

He connected with my by following my account, but after reviewing his account, I chose not to follow him back because his feed on Twitter looked like a constant stream of spam and I just didn't want to have to read his posts when I checked my feed.

That has not deterred him at all. At least once a week or more I get a message from this determined individual that he is glad we have connected, and have I watched his video yet? I hadn't.

The first time I received a Tweet from this MLM'r, I let it slide, because I had no intention to watch his video, an so what would be the point in responding? It should have died there, but it didn't. A week later, I got the same message, only this time he was thanking me for contacting him and I should take a moment to watch his video.

This was a headscratcher. I hadn’t reached out to him, and I certainly hadn't followed or connected with him. I responded to his post and told him that I was not interested in video or his services, and he could remove me from his marketing rotation.

A few days later, I get another post from Mr. MLM, and he is thanking me for connecting with him, and to check out his video when I have a chance. Now it's getting funny, and a little sad. I wonder if this is a language barrier, that perhaps we just aren't connecting on that plane, the one where we understand that there is never going to be business between us. So I try to upset the apple cart, and I send him an insane response tweet about my hair being on fire and that I would probably have to eat my socks to see his video properly.

Nothing. Dead silence. Until a few days go by and I get the same tweet again, asking if I have seen his video.

This is never going to end. I let it go. I could block the posts, but I want to see how long it will go on. It's obvious that I am getting auto posts from this guy, and he has no clue that the record needle is skipping. He has become something of a sad joke to me, and if he ever does respond to my cryptic messages, it will probably be his embarrassment that compels him to do so.

He has missed one of the fundamental purposes of social media, to connect with people. He isn't connecting with me, he is broadcasting my way, but there is no connection.

Then again, he may know exactly what he is doing, and I am being punked.