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Imagine selling an invisible image. One that no Fine Art America member has ever commented on, has never been liked, or favorited, and has less than a dozen views. An image such as that is by FAA standards, virtually invisible, and would not come to the front lines in the endless FAA search combinations and search pages. Unless you knew exactly what to look for, but you don't.

The image I'm describing is invisible on FineArtAmerica, virtually unseen by most (only a couple) of the multitude of FAA villagers. A mere apparition, something you only thought you may have seen from the corner of your eye. Even Scooby Doo and the gang couldn't find it!

It happens. I've seen it happen, and it can happen to you.

It takes work, skill, and persistence. Too often we pod-people (don't fall asleep) expect our images to sell themselves. As hopeful POD artists, we upload terabytes of our wondrous digitized hopes and dreams, our bit-ensemble offspring, to create galleries of our glorious creations. Then we share our newfound joy with our online village friends and family. We join along in helpful groups that deliver multiple viewers and expectant new friends to our online homestead. We all gather our pixel-babies into our electronic galleries and groups and other wonderful digital gathering places. Along with those new friends comes the likes, the favorites, the features, and the kudos. Soon we see ribbons and balloons and online digital baked goods. Very comforting.

We pod-people all know where that most often leads to; not very far, but it sure feels so dang good. That's the oxytocin* kicking in, the digital spooning, virtual hugs.

There's a lot of "feelgoodism" going on in most PODs. I certainly don't discourage the fun, and I would never tell anyone to not engage in such activity. However, for "it" to happen, and by "it" I am talking about real world sales, you have to get "out there" and sell.

Don't let the words "out there" frighten you. I'm not talking about dragging your carcass to art shows, walks, fairs, and galleries. I don't think you need to be following the footsteps of your local vacuum salesman or cosmetics saleswoman (sales associate?). I'm talking about being out there in the cold empty void of cyberspace. The electronic frozen tundra of the interweb, the dark and mysteriously frightening world beyond the confines of our comfortable little village called FineArtAmerica or PIXELS, depending on what part of our virtual town you call home.

The ironic part of what I am saying is, that collectively we all know it, or we should know. It's almost like living in Wayward Pines where most everybody knows what's going on, but nobody (not many) wants to say it out loud. Of course I'm being intentionally provocative. I'm fairly certain that most of us understand that sales happen from "out-there", and not "in-here".


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